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At Digiteq Automotive, we contribute to the development of the software stack E3 2.0 (aka One SW stack) which will include a unified operating system for vehicles from the Volkswagen Group brands. One of the key features will be Autonomous Driving Level 4 readiness, meaning that customers can fully hand over the steering to the car. As a 100% member of the Volkswagen Group, we participate in the most interesting projects of the Group’s various brands in the following fields:

Our Dev Stack

  • Bamboo
  • Arti Factory
  • Terraform
  • Bitbucket
  • Jira
  • TensorFlow
  • Confluence
  • Docker
  • GitLab
  • Azure
  • CodeBeamer
  • Keras
  • SonarQube
  • CodeSonar
  • Tensor
  • GO
  • Red Hat

Our Brains are busy with

Offline and Online
Calibration ?
Cars of the future (with production starting in 2025) will be equipped with a camera belt that provides 360° view around the car. Developing the right methods for automated Offline and Online Calibration of the complex camera system is a key step, in order to grasp the underlying 3D structure of the surrounding world.
How to validate an AI model? ?
A car is a very complex software and hardware system that must meet strict regulations in every region. Modern AI models often outperform traditional handcrafted models. However, this comes with the cost that AI models usually operate as a black-box, and might be difficult to disentangle exactly what contributed the most to a particular result. Interpretability or explainability is a very challenging task that needs to be addressed, resulting in a validation strategy to meet the regulations.
40 million
connected cars ?
The way how new functionality is developed has changed. We are moving from code driven to data driven development. Data is King. In 2030, the Volkswagen Group will be collecting data from 40 million cars that are connected to the cloud.
Date and scope
of next release? ?
It doesn’t matter if we develop cars, toys, or washing machines. There is always a new release ahead of us :)
7 million kilometres
of data per day ?
The development of Autonomous Driving can be deconstructed into several fundamental features. One of these is highly accurate navigation, using HD maps. These maps are becoming better defined every day, with the aid of data from a fleet of Volkswagen Golfs, ID.3s, and ID.4s. On average, they cover approximately 7 million kilometres a day.
Free Space
Detection ?
Safe autonomous driving requires the detection of surrounding obstacles, moving objects, and identifying drivable areas. It can be performed using a combination of radar, lidar, cameras, high precision GPS, and prior map information. We do it with cameras :)
S**t, firewall again :( ?
Error 404 :(
Parallelized Trainin ?
We deal with big data sets and complex architectures of CNN that lead to a long time being required for training. Parallelized Training needs to be introduced in order to make releases more frequently, to be able to comply with the agile style of our work.
Runtime Optimization
of CNN Models ?
It’s great to have a complex CNN model with outstanding results in the validation set running in our cloud. However, in the end, the model runs in a car with computation and power limitations. Also, the price matters :) That being said, the model needs to be optimized to work in the real world, under real world conditions.
Scaled Agile
Framework ?
Our scrum teams working on the E3 2.0 platform are orchestrated using a Scaled Agile Framework. More can be found e.g. here: www.scaledagileframework.com.

We teach autonomous cars to see, understand, and learn.
Develop car instincts with us!


When can you meet the people you will work with?
You will meet with your future supervisor right away, so that you can go through the issues that interest you the most. All of our colleagues are professionals, with strong technical backgrounds, as you can see in their LinkedIn profiles. Do not hesitate to connect with us.
What kind of experience and education is required?
We want to see you are grounded in areas of interest, and that you want to learn and develop. We are happy to meet you and find a job opportunity that suits you best, together.
What if programming is not your strength?
We have vacant opportunities where programming is not required.
Can you make do with English only?
You can’t get by without English; we co-operate with an international team of professionals within the VW group. On the contrary, you can make do without Czech.
Remote, office, or a combination?
We work from anywhere, and for better team co-operation, we have agreed on at least one day a week in the office, which the majority agrees with.
What types of co-operation do we offer?
We are looking for various types of co-operation, with the exception of IČO. Full-time means 37.5 hours/week, and we also have part-time colleagues. We respect flexible working hours, maintain core hours, and have team meetings.
Are you far from Prague or Pilsen?
We will find a solution :)

Watch and listen

As a member of the Volkswagen Group, CARIAD SE (51% share), and Škoda Auto a.s. (49% share), we embrace the most interesting tech fields. Watch and listen to information on our current topics:

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