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CV sent! What happens next?


What will happen during your first days at Digiteq?

The first day is full of getting to know people and handovers. In the morning, you will start with Emilia who, along with others, will guide you through the rest of the day. During the morning we will handle the paperwork and give you everything you need at work. Coffee and snacks are included 🙂 After lunch, you will be introduced to our products and strategic projects that we are working on. The quality department will guide you through the management of our processes, and you will also learn the dates of company events.

Mainly – we will hand over a letter from your Buddy, an experienced colleague who will help you in the first days. You can always contact your Buddy if you don’t know what to do, or if you want to ask anything.

What do you learn on the first day?

  • That we are all on first name terms.
  • How many patents we have.
  • What/Who is a Crocodile.
  • Where and how you book the Innovator.

And a lot of other information to help you quickly find your way around and feel at home at Digiteq.

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